The Diamond Sutra is the world’s earliest dated printed book.

It is an important Buddhist text that has a long and profound history.

Time For A New Translation
– A Message From Alex Johnson

One day I was reading a text of the Diamond Sutra and I thought to myself, “Why is this so hard to read?”

There were terms I wasn’t familiar with and the language and style was totally unlike anything I had come across in “real life” – it seemed very awkward.

I knew the message was profound, but I found that I was doing mental gyrations just to try to get into the spirit of the Sutra and understand what was being said in it.

I decided to write my own translation.

This new translation of the Diamond Sutra allows the reader to experience and comprehend this timeless Buddhist text in a more contemporary language and style.

It was designed to be readable, understandable, and not overly laden with flowery language or titles and terms.

Through careful methodology this translation is true to the original structure and meaning of the text.


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