A friend of mine did a rough translation of the lyrics when she showed it to me. And I must say, the Chinese Language must have quite a bit of depth to be able to deliver such a deep message in a few short phrases.

He looks so innocent , well manner and his dressing fashion is fantastic, not only his vocal is amazing , and his love for his parents is absolutely beautiful , He is such an extraordinary kid, I wish him well. .

no words to express how beautiful he singing, I saw the letter translated into my language through this channel that is in my country and really fell in love, I had to re-listen, I had not the singer’s name or the name of the song, I only had etched his face in my mind and after much search I found her, I’m not a fan of this type of songs but god, is so beautiful that refuse me not to become a fan, I could never see if he win this contest but really hope that, he deserves it, was the best song to listen.


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